Generally Mutually Aided Co-Operative Societies or Producer Organisations are restricted to the single activity i.e., Farmer, Milk Producers, Handlooms etc.. But here if we can plan the Mega Mutually Aided Co-Operative Society or Producer Organisation which deals with the Farmers, Organic and Natural Farmers, Milk Producers, Poultry and Live Stock management, Food Processing, Handlooms and Self Help groups. This Organization will look afters the following :

1. It co-ordinates with the activities of Training, Establishment and Marketing along with Common Selling Platform and the NGO.

2. It co-ordinates the establishment of small stores all over starting from villages to towns and cities to metropolitans with the display Organic and Natural Agriculture Products and act to develop the system. We can say these stores as Virtual Stores.

3. It initiates the establishment of Food Processing Units by supporting them in training and establishment and marketing .

4. Always be as the mentor the Outlets or processing Units or else and keeps the little share 10% or 20% by investing them and support them in all aspect.