My Viilage - Concept Drive  2022 - 23  is the Innovative concept, linking the villages to the Urban Towns, Cities and Metropolitans by creating the Common Social Selling Platform. The main motto of the My Viilage - Concept Drive 2022 - 23 is to create the unique public brand and marketing model which can be used by all Farmers  engaged in  Agri Produce, Organic and  Millet Produce, Dairy  and Live stock, self employed persons and self help groups to promote their produce.

My Viilage is the innovative program to set up a platform to  work together with People interested in Village Reconstruction.

Selected items for Village Reconstruction :

1. Water Management.

2. Seed Management.

3. Analysis of livestock management, fodder and their products as sources of income.

4. Possibilities for rural market place in an innovative way.

5. Product assessment and benefits for setting up of cold pressed oil machines.

6. Agri Forest and Biodiversity.

7. Weed problems with farmer inventions in the village, overcoming the shortage of manpower in agricultural work.

8. Quality standards, value addition.

9. Efforts to set up organic farmer producer associations, awareness on certification of organic produce,

10. Focus on  farmer-seva like Mee-Seva,e-seva coupled with employment opportunities for farmer services.

11. Agri Equipment.

12. Food Processing Centers.

13. Farmers- Government Schemes.

14. How farmers can use the Employment Guarantee Scheme.

15. The NGO will work on the issues like Kisan Credit Card and Other Credit Facilities etc selected topics  systematically on the  platform of people interested for village reconstruction.

Action Plan :

1. First study on the above topics.

2. Identifying the persons those who are interested, skilled, capable.

3. Discussions on new things that are feasible.

4. Introduce resources to those who are living on them, coordinate with the companies and organizations who provides the  advanced information and technology.

5. To provide assistance to each other towards village self-sufficiency instead of misuse of money.


Our Core Objectives



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